Divorce Hearing Officer


The Cumberland County Divorce Hearing Officer's Office is under the supervision of the Court Administrator and the Court of Common Pleas. 

It was established as an adjunct of the Court for the specific purpose of providing a procedure for the processing and hearing of all contested divorce cases in the county.

The office consists of: 

  • The Divorce Hearing Officer
  • Court reporter / office manager
  • Part-time law clerk

About the Hearing Officer

The full-time Hearing Officer is an attorney with particular experience in family law matters. The Hearing Officer is appointed to a case following the filing of a motion to the Court signed by 1 of the 5 Common Pleas Court Judges. Upon being appointed, the Hearing Officer begins the procedure established to bring the case to settlement or trial. 

The Divorce Hearing Officer does not offer legal advice to the public. Unless a party is acting pro se, the Hearing Officer deals exclusively with the attorneys representing each of the parties.