About the Court Administrator's Office

Court of Common Pleas

The Office of the Court Administrator is responsible for the judicial case management and fiscal administration of the Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas, which is presently comprised of six judges, each of whom are elected by County voters to serve a term of ten years.

The Court of Common Pleas is a trial court, which has jurisdiction over all matters within the Ninth Judicial District not exclusively relegated to another court, and appellate jurisdiction over decisions made at the district justice level.


The administration of justice in a fair and swift manner is the primary goal of the office. A targeted effort is made to reduce the pending Common Pleas caseload and to shorten case resolution through the effective utilization of jurors, legal counsel, and calendar administration.


Research and Advising
The court administrator is charged with the daily direction of daily operations and the implementation of long range planning. Research and advising are important services that are performed for the president judge.

Jury Selection
This office coordinates the action of the Jury Selection Commission and is responsible for summoning citizens as jurors for both civil and criminal trial terms. Maintenance of a low dollar cost per trial, as well as a decrease in the amount of litigation awaiting a jury trial is the desired outcome.

Voice of the Court
The court administrator serves as the voice of the Court. This entails the annual creation / publication of the court calendar for the upcoming year. It also includes communication with various departments of the County government to discuss policy issues of concern to the Court.

Public Education

The court administrator encourages schools to attend a session of court so that the students may experience the judicial process firsthand. They also frequently lecture at high schools and universities.

Court administration also alerts the local media of noteworthy issues / events involving the court.


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