Paying and Receiving Support Payments

All payments are made to and received from the Pennsylvania State Collection and Disbursement Unit (PA SCDU). Information regarding paying and receiving child support can be found in the Pennsylvania Child Support Handbook and via the Pennsylvania Child Support Website.


All payments are to be made to PA SCDU.  However, in addition to the payment methods listed in the Pennsylvania Child Support Handbook, Cumberland County Domestic Relations Office also provides clients with a convenient option for making child support payments via credit card.  Credit card payments may be made at our office at 13 N. Hanover St., Carlisle, PA, or online at  This credit card payment service is provided through Value Payment Systems, and you may contact one of their agents by telephone Monday-Friday 7am-7pm CST at 1-888-877-0450. The payments made should, in most cases, be received by PA SCDU within 3 business days.


Federal guidelines have mandated a payment hierarchy schedule for the disbursement of child support payments.  At the top of the schedule is the amount of current child support ordered for the month [the Monthly Support Obligation (MSO)].   All money received from the Defendant will be applied to the MSO until paid; then any additional money will be applied to the Defendant’s other obligations (examples: arrears, medical bills, court costs, and fees) per the hierarchy schedule.  Additionally, pursuant to federal and state regulations, a $35 annual fee may be assessed to your child support case.

If you need information regarding a payment on your account, please call PA SCDU at 1-877-727-7238 and inquire via their telephone computer system, or view information via the Pennsylvania Child Support Website. Please direct all other correspondence to your Conference Officer at P.O. Box 320, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013 and identify all correspondence with your case number.