Trial Division


To oversee the investigation and prosecution of all crimes committed in Cumberland County

Core Activities

   1. Partner with police agencies in the process of criminal
      charge and search warrant approval pursuant to local rules
      of Court.
   2. Attend and conduct preliminary hearings as requested.
   3. Screen incoming cases for pretrial diversion.
   4. Prepare criminal case files including criminal history record
       information, police reports and sentencing guidelines.
   5. Prepare Criminal Information for filing in the Clerk of Courts
   6. Prepare defense discovery packets for delivery at
   7. Provide staff and forms to conduct informal arraignments on
       behalf of the Court.
   8. Litigate all pretrial motions.
   9. Resolve all cases within time limits outlined in
       Pa. Rule of Criminal Procedure 600 by guilty pleas, non-jury
       trials, jury trials or other dispositions.
 10. Prepare and arrange service of subpoenas to secure the
      attendance of necessary witnesses.
 11. Litigate all jury trials as necessary.
 12. Coordinate all extradition and fugitive matters with law 
      enforcement and the Cumberland County Sheriff.
 13. Ensure that all attorneys undergo 12 hours of continuing
      legal education per year directly related to criminal