Chief Juvenile Probation Officer - Andrew S. Benner

Deputy Chief Juvenile Probation Officer- Scott A. Shea 
Juvenile Probation Officer Supervisors - William Brandt, Dennis Drachbar & Charles Hale  
Juvenile Probation Officers - 

Garrett Christlieb, Adam Connolly, Timothy DeAngelo, Emily Garner, Debra Green, Thomas Hughes, John Losh, Matthew McKenrick, Lauren Painter, Trevor Peachey, Santana Rivera, Michael Rose, Gail Scullen, Frank Shartle, Joseph Shartle, Brian Taylor, & Craig Van Scyoc 
 Youth Aid Panel Consultants - Lisa Harrison & Neal Poole
 Administrative Specialist - Kathy Zeigler
Administrative Technicians - Amy Hamilla, & Lisa Kessel

Administrative Assistant- Darlene Huff

Our professional staff of 22 probation officers and 4 support personnel are dedicated to the operation of an efficient and highly respected department. The juvenile probation staff possesses a diverse range of experiences and disciplines with many of the probation officers having worked previously in the juvenile justice field. Our staff's qualifications include backgrounds in law enforcement, corrections, counseling, education, and various related trades. All Cumberland County Juvenile Probation Officers possess a Bachelor's Degree with more than 50% of the staff having accomplished completion of an advanced degree. All Cumberland County Juvenile Probation Officers are required to undergo a minimum of forty hours training on an annual basis. You will frequently observe our juvenile probation officers working side-by-side with school officials to promote attendance and proper discipline, or in the community performing thousands of hours of community service at hundreds of community service locations.