Cumberland County Facts

Did You Know?

  • Cumberland County, Pennsylvania is a 3rd Class County.  The class is determined based upon the county’s population, ranging from 1st class to an 8th class county.
  • Carlisle is the County seat founded in 1751.
  • The County’s population is 257,848 based on the 2020 U.S. Census Bureau Statistics.
  • Cumberland County is made up of a total of 555 square miles of both urban and rural areas.
  • Cumberland County has 9 school districts, 8 public libraries, and 4 hospitals.
  • There are two military operation facilities in Cumberland County - Carlisle Barracks / U.S. Army War College and the Naval Support Station in Mechanicsburg.  These military facilities help support the national security of our country while also employing civilian personnel, thus aiding in a strong local economy.
  • Cumberland County is within a 2-hour drive or less of Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC.
  • Cumberland County is within a 10-hour drive of over 50% of the population of the United States.
  • Cumberland County consistently maintains one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state of Pennsylvania.
  • The County is required by law to provide specific services to its citizens, such as:  Judicial services – Court of Common Pleas, Corrections and Criminal Justice Programs; Planning services to work closely with municipalities on issues of economic development and environmental planning; Public Safety to provide 911 dispatch services and Emergency Preparedness for planning and implementation of disaster assistance plans; Public Welfare services for Children & Youth, Mental Health & Mental Retardation Programs, Drug & Alcohol Awareness Programs, in addition to services for the elderly (Office of Aging); Bureau of Elections to oversee all elections and maintain an up-to-date voter registry; Real Estate Tax Assessment to collect taxes based on the value of real estate to help fund County programs and the local municipalities as well as school districts rely on the tax information.
  • Cumberland County has 33 local municipalities. 
    • These municipalities have their own elected officials…the County Commissioners do not oversee the municipalities.  The County maintains a close working relationship with the municipalities; however, the Commissioners do not have jurisdiction over local municipal matters.  The Board of Commissioners created the Municipal Advisory Board which meets on a quarterly basis to discuss pertinent issues with representatives from local municipalities.