Agriculture Conservation Assistance Program (ACAP)

The Agriculture Conservation Assistance Program (ACAP) was created through the Clean Streams Fund established by the FY2022-2023 Pennsylvania State Budget. ACAP provides financial and technical assistance for the implementation of best management practices (BMPs) on agricultural operations within the Commonwealth. ACAP is administered by the State Conservation Commission and delegated to participating conservation districts for local implementation of the program.

Funding Opportunities

ACAP provides grant funding to eligible projects through delegated local county conservation districts. The grant is a reimbursement grant. The amount of reimbursement is based on eligible costs submitted by an approved applicant for an approved project. A single grant awarded by the district to an eligible applicant is a 90% cost share and may not exceed $500,000.

Guidelines & Uses

When evaluating applications for eligible projects under ACAP, a participating conservation district will give priority to complete applications based upon the following criteria:

  • BMP(s) funded meets the goals of any applicable Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) or Countywide Action Plan (CAP).
  • BMP is part of a conservation plan or AG E&S plan and a manure management or nutrient management plan. Development of such plans shall be included in the application if not yet developed prior to the application.
  • Priority given to BMPs that implement best management practices for control of nitrogen or phosphorus or sediment.
  • All Animal Concentration Areas (ACAs) on the farm must be treated to abate storm water runoff, loss of sediment, loss of nutrients from the ACA, or the implementation of such BMPs shall be included in an application for funds.
  • Proximity to surface waters, public drinking water sources or karst geology with underground drainage systems or open sinkholes.
  • The project must meet the design and construction standards established by the commission.
  • Any other criteria considered by the conservation district, as applicable, and approved by the commission.

Eligible Costs

  • Project design, engineering, and associated planning costs.
  • Project construction or installation provided by a contractor, including labor provided by the applicant.
  • Equipment, materials, and other components of eligible projects
  • Post construction inspections.

ACAP applications are available from the Cumberland County Conservation District and may be submitted at this time. There is currently no application deadline, but all applications must be approved by the Conservation District Board before any work on the project may proceed. For more information or for help completing an application, please contact Charles Heberlig III or call the Conservation District at 717.240.7812.