Erosion & Sedimentation Control / NPDES

The core of the District programs is the erosion and sedimentation control (E&S) and stormwater management program. The emphasis of the program is the conservation of soil and water resources. The District administers the E&S program through a signed delegation agreement with the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Cumberland County is a level three county in the delegation. It requires us to investigate complaints, process permits, conduct education programs for the regulated community and conduct informal enforcement hearings for earthmoving sites that are unable to achieve voluntary compliance for violations to the Act.

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As the County continues to experience economic growth, it becomes increasingly important to make sure that resources are protected according to the regulations. Due to intensifying development pressure and greater awareness for environmental protection, the E&S program continues to be one of the District's most demanding programs. Through the program, the District reviews and determines if the E&S control plans for earthmoving sites are adequate. Once earthmoving has begun inspections of these sites are conducted to assure the plans are properly implemented and the Best Management Practices (BMP's) are installed and maintained as required. By doing this, the District strives to meet its goal of minimizing accelerated erosion and sediment pollution to the waters of the Commonwealth as a result of earthmoving activities. 

The District also administers the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program. Under this program, projects proposing one acre or more of earth disturbance are required to obtain a permit. The permit consists of an application, erosion and sedimentation control plan and a post construction stormwater management plan, which includes long term operation and maintenance for all permanent BMP's.

There are two types of NPDES Permits: General and Individual. Sites located in a high quality or exceptional value watershed, as defined in Title 25, Chapter 93, Water Quality Standards, are required to obtain an Individual NPDES permit.  The Individual Permit applications receive a more comprehensive review than a General Permit application.  Projects not located in a high quality or exception value watershed, may obtain authorization under the General Permit.

March 22, 2023 E&S Workshop Presentations

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