Rain Barrel Project

Project Summary

Each year the Conservation District partners with Cedar Cliff High School students to construct 50 rain barrels made from reused food grade barrels. The barrels are sold on a first come, first served basis. Usually in early April, we send out brochures to our rain barrel mailing list and the first 50 people who return the order form with their payment receive a rain barrel. We distribute the barrels in May at Cedar Cliff High School.

The barrels are black pickle barrels, approximately 55 gallons, with lids that screw on, and have a screen on them to prevent mosquito breeding. There is a drain on the bottom where a hose can be hooked up, and a standard spigot where a bucket can be filled. There is also an overflow hose to control extra water when the barrel is full.

This is an annual project, so if you would like a rain barrel, send us an email to be added to the mailing list. Please make sure you include your mailing address. Keep in mind, we do 50 barrels per year and it may take a year or two to receive a brochure in the mail.

Additional Rain Barrel Information 

Image of constructed Rain Barrel