Infrastructure Grants

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The Cumberland County Commissioners have approved funds to be used for grants to improve and invest in the infrastructure of Cumberland County.

Eligible Uses

  • Construction of new affordable housing units
  • Public transit services, including existing and expanded service.
  • Construction of new or maintenance of existing park, trail, and recreation facilities (includes land acquisition)
  • Construction of new or enhancement of existing broadband infrastructure that delivers speeds greater than 25Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload.
  • Expansion of or repair of sewer and water systems
  • Water quality improvement projects
  • Other infrastructure projects consistent with the (CSLFRF) Final Rule

Eligible Applicants

  • Municipal governments
  • Municipal authorities
  • Private sector businesses working in Cumberland County
  • Nonprofit organizations working in Cumberland County

Grant Amounts

$50,000 - $2 million

How To Apply

For more information about grant match requirements, application deadlines, and instructions to apply online, visit our Grant Application page