Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

The Cumberland County Prison maintains a zero tolerance policy for offender-on-offender sexual activity, including but not limited to sexual abuse or assault, and staff sexual misconduct and sexual harassment towards offenders. Every allegation of sexual assault/misconduct and harassment is thoroughly investigated. 

This zero tolerance policy is applicable to all prison staff, contracted vendor staff, service providers, and volunteers. Any allegations and/or incidents of this nature should be reported to prison authorities as soon as possible by calling 717.245.8788 and asking for the shift leader on duty. 

Third party reports can be made by calling 1.844.429.5412 and leaving a message on the Pennsylvanian Department of Corrections PREA Hotline. If you feel a criminal act has been or is being committed please contact Middlesex Township Police Department at 717.249.7191. 

Visit the Prison Rape Elimination Act resource center website for more information regarding this act.

PREA Audit

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