Inmate Property / Clothing

No property may be brought to the facility except that which may be medically necessary. All personal items and clothing must be purchased through the inmate commissary.

Personal Clothing and Property:

  1. One (1) set of civilian clothing can be stored at the prison for the inmate to wear out of the facility upon release, or to be worn for certain court appearances.
  2. All personal clothing must be purchased through commissary. Only approved work release clothing is accepted “Off the Street.”
  3. This institution will not be held financially responsible for loss, damage, theft etc. of an inmate’s personal property that is being maintained by the inmate in their possession.  
  4. After a change of status allow 7 days for return of permissible property.
  5. Maximum allowed photos is 5 to include computer generated photos. No polaroids. No photos larger than 4” X 6”.

Outgoing Inmate Property:

  1. Inmates wanting to send property out must submit a property request slip to the Records Department.
  2. Property will be ready for pick-up within 48 hours after the records department receives the outgoing property request. Outgoing property can be picked up in Admin Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. and during visitation. Property cannot be picked up on holidays unless there is scheduled visitation.