Property Appeal Information

How to Appeal your Assessment

To Understand the Appeal process, please read the Residential Property Assessment Appeals Guide (PDF). Additional information can be found in the Rules and Regulations for Filing an Assessment Appeal (PDF). Please email Electronic Appraisals for Appeals to:

Appeal Forms

Please fill out and save the following forms below as they apply:
Please review the Appeal Filing Fees (PDF). Please make your check for the Appeal Filing Fee payable to: Cumberland County General Fund.

Where to file your Assessment Appeal Form

Assessment Appeal Forms shall be filed with the:
Cumberland County Board of
Assessment Appeals
1 Courthouse Square, Room 107
Carlisle, PA 17013

If filed by mail, the form must be received in the Assessment Office by the deadline for appeal.

Appeal Forms may also be filed with the Board in person at the Assessment Office, Room 104, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The Assessment Office is located in the Historic Courthouse on the square in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Where to Find Assessment & Sales Data to Assist in Filing an Appeal

Web Mapping

The Cumberland County Property Mapper is an internet-based property mapping application created by the Cumberland County GIS Department. Through this application, users can now view our spatial data over the web and be able to zoom, identify features, and locate an address within the county.

Of particular significance, users can identify a property’s assessed value, a property’s features and compare the sales prices of properties in the neighborhood and throughout the county. This is the information that can be of importance in filing an assessment appeal.


Additional Information

While the data available online--for free--is sufficient to file an appeal and contains much more information than previously available, it does not include a complete representation of property records in the County's database. Complete records may be found at no cost by visiting the County's Assessment Office or may be accessed online for a nominal fee by subscribing to Courthouse Online.

For additional assistance please call 240-6350.

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