When Are My Taxes Due

Tax Bill Information

Tax bills are mailed to taxpayers twice a year. On or about March 1, you will receive the bill for County and Municipal taxes. On or about July 1 you will receive the bill for School taxes.

There is a discount if paid within the first two (2) months and a penalty if paid after 4 months of the bill date.  Refer to the Tax Rate/Millage Rate Sheet under Related Documents for specific discount and/or penalty rates.

  • The March Bill

You will receive at this time a Personal Tax Notice if levied which will include the following:

  1. Municipal Per Capita Tax (PDF)
  2. Occupation Tax (PDF)
    Newville Borough. This list of municipalities may change at any time.

If you own real estate, you will also receive a separate Real Estate Tax Bill which includes the following: County / Municipal Real Estate Tax (PDF).

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