Report Writing Unit

Court-Ordered Investigative Reports

After an offender has been found guilty at trial or pled guilty to a criminal charge, the judge may order an investigative report to be prepared prior to sentencing. The Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas primarily utilizes the following three types of reports. These reports are strictly confidential and are only shared with authorized court personnel.
Report Writing Unit

Presentence Investigation (PSI)

This report contains psychosocial information such as employment history, educational background, family history, prior criminal record, drug and alcohol history, and other information relative to the case. Reports may also include an arrest report, defendant’s statement, sentencing guideline ranges, and victim impact statements.

Sentencing Report

This particular report is slightly shorter in length, containing only the defendant’s prior criminal history record, arrest report, sentencing guideline ranges, and victim impact statements.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Report

This report is used for defendants convicted of DUI offenses and contains arrest information, defendant's prior criminal history record, treatment information, sentencing guideline ranges, and the defendant’s statement. Other relevant data, such as education and employment information, is also included.