Mobile Communications Unit

Back-Up 9-1-1 Communications Center

The primary purpose of the Mobile Communications Unit is to provide a back up site for the residents of Cumberland County 9-1-1 service in the event that the primary 9-1-1 center is evacuated or becomes inoperable.  The secondary function of the unit is to provide support to the field services at the scene of emergencies and disaster 
Mobile Unit Right View Mobile_Unit_Left-View
The vehicle is 40 foot overall in length with 30 foot custom built box utilized for operational area. The vehicle is equipped for receiving external power as well as providing its own source of power with an on-board 15 KW generator and an UPS for maintaining crucial equipment in the event of a power crisis. It is also equipped with an external camera system that operates from a 20 foot tower. The vehicle also contains television monitors, audio and visual recording devices, lap top computers, copiers, cellular phones, and mobile and portable radios.  
The unit has 10 dispatch positions and is equipped with 6 Zetron dispatch consoles and 16 Toshiba phone stations. When the unit is housed at its station, it is capable of providing radio dispatch and the receiving of 9-1-1 calls via telephone line interconnect with our microwave system and the Telephone Company. If the microwave or primary radio system would fail, the unit would be deployed to a mountain top site and provide radio dispatch with mobile radios that function with the Zetron equipment. This unit provides the residents of Cumberland County an excellent back up for its 9-1-1 center.

The unit contains 6 low band, 11 800 megahertz, and 7 UHF/VHF mobile radios capable of providing communications with county units as well as all of the counties that surround Cumberland County during field operations. The vehicle has radio access to all Local and State agencies. Internet access and E-mail is available in the field via cellular devices. The vehicle is staffed during field events by communications operators from the 9-1-1 center and representatives from Emergency Management. The vehicle is driven by staff from the 9-1-1 Center and the operators are required to have a Commercial Drivers License. 

The unit is equipped with fire, entry, and motion alarms to provide security for the unit. It is also equipped with equipment alarms that monitor crucial portions of the unit.