Calling 9-1-1

What happens after I dial 9-1-1?

 9-1-1 What is the address of the emergency?  
These are the first words you will hear when your call is answered.   
Some things to remember:

Be Calm & Speak Clearly

When asked, give the call-taker a clear description of the emergency.  


Know your home/business address including the street/road name/number and township or borough.  Tell the call-taker where the help is needed and where you are (if at a different location).  If you don't know the address, don't be afraid to tell the call-taker that you are not sure.  

Stay On the Telephone

Don't hang up unless told to! This way the call-taker can ask questions.  

Stay by the Telephone

Try to stay by the telephone in case the call-taker must call you back.