Weights & Measures Registration Explanation

The County Registration Ordinance No. 2006-9 (PDF):
  • Assures equity in the marketplace by providing for the documentation of businesses using weighing and measuring devices within the County.
  • Registration assures that an annual inspection is conducted by designated Weights and Measures regulatory officials.
  • Commercial businesses and the consumer have documentation to verify that another operating business is legitimate and correctly selling the product they are vending.
The registration is analogous to other commercial businesses that are registered (licensed) as doing business; plumbers, electricians, restaurants, real estate, vehicle inspection, medical profession, lawn care companies, etc.

W&M insures fair competition between businesses in the marketplace and they insure consumers are capable of making informed value comparisons in their purchasing decisions. When robust W&M programs are in place buyers and sellers can conduct their business with confidence.

Because of W&M standards and the regulatory activities of W&M officials, the integrity of our national market place is maintained.

W&M regulatory officials set standards and enforce uniform procedures to verify weight, volume, length, or count, ensuring that consumers get the quantity that they pay for and that businesses sell the quantity that they advertise. Because of the unlimited range of products and services that are influenced by weights and measures activities, these standards create a comprehensive, impartial and often invisible shield that protects equity in our marketplace.

W&M officials at the state, county, and city level enforce weights and measures requirements by conducting performance tests and inspections of deli scales, truck scales, gas pumps, home heating oil meters, and many other types of weighing and measuring devices. W&M officials test package product to be sure they contain the net weight declared on the package. W&M officials test price scanners, enforce labeling regulations and method of sales rules.

W&M officials conduct thousands of inspections every day protecting and maintaining the integrity of the measurement system.