CASSP Elementary School-Based Program

What is the Elementary School-Based Program?

The Program enhances opportunities for the successful educational, emotional, familial, physical, and social functioning of elementary school aged children who may be at risk in one or more of these areas.

How does it work?

Working closely with families and school personnel, the six school-based social service workers are helping professionals who assist with solving problems that affect children. These workers help families to explore options and to develop plans to meet the needs of the families and children.

Program Goals

  • To enhance children's mental health by supporting and strengthening families 
  • To create safe and healthy environments for children by working with families, schools, and community agencies 
  • To encourage a positive working relationship between home and school


CASSP Elementary School-Based Brochure

Contact Information

For more information contact Megan Johnston at 717.240.6320 or at