Bingo Licenses

Bingo License Act 67 of 1981

If properly licensed, the playing of bingo by certain nonprofit organizations is allowable for the purpose of raising funds for the promotion of a charitable or civic purpose.  

Bingo licenses are issued through your County Treasurer’s office.  Each eligible organization must complete and submit an Application for Bingo License to the County in which the organization is based.  Since a Bingo license must be issued by the County where your organization is based, it is highly recommended that you contact the appropriate County for their Bingo License Application process.

The fee for an annual license, valid for one year from the date of issuance, is $100.00.   The fee for a three consecutive day license is $15.00. Organizations may only apply for and be issued one three consecutive day license within a one year period, i.e. one year from the date of a previous three consecutive day license.  

Non-profit organizations that are based in Cumberland County may request additional information on Bingo licenses and/or an application packet by contacting the Treasurer’s office at 717-240-6380 or by email to .  

Organizations needing to submit a Bingo License initial request or a renewal must complete the Bingo Application.  If you have any questions, contact the Treasurer's office at 717-240-6380 or email your questions to