Cumberland County's Public Defenders


The Public Defender of Cumberland County

Michael Halkias, Esquire - Chief Public Defender

Our Attorneys

Arla Waller, Esquire - First Assistant Public Defender

Alexandria J. Lappas, Esquire - Senior Assistant Public Defender

Catherine H. Law, Esquire - Assistant Public Defender

Christopher McCabe, Esquire - Assistant Public Defender

Sean M. Owen, Esquire - Deputy Public Defender

John M. Shugars, Esquire - Deputy Public Defender

Bradon Toomey, Esquire - Specialty Court Coordinating Attorney

Ron Turo, Esquire - Juvenile Defender

Joshua M. Yohe, Esquire - Senior Assistant Public Defender

Our Support Staff

Eugene Weber - Paralegal





Are public defenders real lawyers?

YES. Every attorney in the Public Defender Office is a graduate of an accredited law school, and admitted by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to practice in the Courts of Pennsylvania. At times, and with the written consent of the client, student attorneys from a local law school may represent a client. This is done under the supervision of a staff attorney.

Public Defenders gain experience in criminal law very quickly due to their emphasis on criminal defense work. The attorneys in the Public Defender Office have from 3 to 34 years of experience practicing law.