Dead Birds & West Nile

Generally, testing of birds for West Nile virus is conducted May through September.

The following types of dead birds are being accepted for testing:
  • Raptors
  • Corvids (Ravens, Crows, and Blue Jays)
Any reported bird that meets any of the following criteria will not be accepted for testing:
  • Domestic Waterfowl
  • Obvious signs of trauma
  • Dead for greater than 48 hours (Dead birds must be stored on ice immediately for pickup and testing for WNV)
Avoid bare-hand contact when handling dead birds by wearing rubber gloves. If you do not have gloves, insert your hand into a plastic bag, grasp the bird carefully and invert the bag over the bird. Each bird should be placed in a tied plastic bag, and then placed inside a second tied bag. If you are not submitting the bird for testing, the bagged bird can be placed in the trash. If you plan on summiting the bird, place it on ice and call our number.
Phone 717-240-7808 or 717-240-6349 to report dead birds.