Core Beliefs

Underlying any service our agency provides is a cluster of beliefs about appropriate substance abuse prevention strategies, effective intervention, and the nature of addiction.  Whether we provide you with training, consultation, technical assistance, evaluation, referral or support, these beliefs inform our interactions. 

For example, we believe that that alcohol, tobacco, and other drug problems are health related issues. We believe that addiction to alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs constitutes a primary disease.  And because we know that addiction affects everyone in the family, we believe that non-addicted family members may need as much support, intervention, and care as people who are chemically dependent
You can download a copy of our complete Core Beliefs document (or our Core Beliefs for Parents) at the Document Center.
We welcome discussion around these issues.  If you would like to discuss any of these points in more detail, please call us to schedule an appointment. From the Carlisle area, you can reach us at 717-240-6300.  To contact us toll-free from other areas, please call 866-240-6300.