2000 Greenway Study

In response to increasing community interest and awareness about greenways, the Cumberland County Planning Commission embarked on a Countywide Greenway Study in the late 1990's. The Greenway Study examined ways in which Cumberland County could create greenways and provides a framework for the establishment of greenways through a collaborative effort of public-private partnerships. The Greenway Study identified eight regional greenway corridors and outlined six recommendations. The full study and maps are available for download below: 

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2000 Cumberland Countywide Greenway Study (pdf-2 MB)  

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Report Cover    
Chapter 1 - Introduction   
Chapter 2 - Background   
Chapter 3 - Trends and Public Involvement   
Chapter 4 - Resource Inventory & Analysis          
    Land Resources Map    
Chapter 5 - Greenway Corridors          
    Table 5-1 - Regional Greenway Corridor Description         
    Table 5-3 - Greenway Ranking          
    Table 5-4 - Trail Ranking             
    Greenway Corridor Map    
Chapter 6 - Greenway Planning & Management   
Chapter 7 - Study Recommendations   
Chapter 8 - Action Plan   
Appendix B    
Appendix C   
Appendix D    
Appendix E   
Appendix F

Please direct any questions or concerns regarding the 2000 Cumberland Countywide Greenway Study to Stephanie Williams, Greenway & Open Space Coordinator, (717) 240-5383.