Community Event Recycling

Act 101 requires "mandated" municipalities to have an ordinance that requires, among other things, "persons to separate high grade office paper, aluminum, corrugated paper and leaf waste and other materials deemed appropriate by the municipality generated at commercial, municipal or institutional establishments and from community activities and to store the material until collection."
To assist municipalities in meeting this requirement, Cumberland County Recycling and Waste secured Act 101, Section 902 Grant funding to purchase community event recycling containers, storage carts, and a storage trailer. Similar to some of the County's other waste management and recycling programs, municipalities and non-profits may request to use these items on an as needed basis. Since community events tend not to be an ongoing program, this eliminates the need for each municipality to purchase recycling equipment that may only be used for a short period of time within any given year.
Organizations desiring to use the equipment will be responsible for retrieving the equipment from Cumberland County’s Allen Road building, deploying the equipment, collecting and marketing the recyclables, tearing down the equipment, and returning the equipment to the Allen Road building.

A Community Event Recycling Guide (PDF) has been developed to more thoroughly explain the program. Individual recycling containers, multiple recycling containers on transporters, or all recycling containers and transporters in the trailer can be requested. If use of the trailer is requested, organization shall provide Cumberland County a certificate of insurance naming Cumberland County as an additional insured on organization’s Automobile Liability (property damage and bodily injury) Insurance Policy, with no less than $1,000,000 coverage, for the time organization is in possession of the trailer.

Requests to use the equipment are included in the Guide. Call 717-240-6489 for more information about this program.