Agricultural Land Preservation Guide

The purpose of the 1998 Cumberland County Agricultural Land Preservation Guide
is to provide information a variety of options available to local municipalities to promote farmland preservation.

The Guide
Table of Contents
Section 1   Purpose (pdf)
Section 2   Introduction (pdf)
Section 3   Agricultural Preservation Zoning (pdf)
            A.   Permitted Uses
            B.   Methods
                  (1)   Large Lot APZ 
                  (2)   Percent of Land APZ
                  (3)   Fixed Scale - Area based APZ
                  (4)   Sliding-Scale - Area Based APZ
                  (5)   Exclusive Agriculture Use APZ
            C.    Additional Provisions of an Ag. Pres. Zone
Section 4   Legal Challenges of Agric. Preservation Zoning (pdf)  
Section 5   Intensive Agricultural Operations (pdf)
Section 6   Other Agricultural Land Preservation Programs (pdf) 
            A.   Clean and Green 
            B.   Agricultural Security Areas (ASAs)
            C.   Agricultural Conservation Easement Program
Section 7   Developing an Agricultural Preservation Ordinance (pdf) 
                 Model Agricultural Preservation Ordinances
Section 8   Sources (pdf)            
The preparation of this guide was financed in part through an Agricultural Land Conservation Assistance Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and prepared by Tri-County Regional Planning Commission for the Cumberland County Agricultural Land Preservation Board. 

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