New Hope Recycling

The New Hope Recyclers are a volunteer group that conducts a drop-off recycling event on the first Saturday of every month. The event is held in northwestern Cumberland County where curbside recycling programs are limited. Recyclables are collected "Single Stream" and are then transported to a materials recovery facility for processing.

Single Stream recycling allows recyclers to deposit recyclable paper, plastic, glass, steel, and aluminum materials into a single container for collection. This allows conventional collection trucks to collect the recyclables thus eliminating the need for specialized recycling collection vehicles. It also allows for greater compaction of the material, and thus greater payloads per vehicle, which reduces the energy and costs required to collect the recyclables. After collection, transport, and unloading, the mixed recyclable stream is processed into sorted recyclable materials using state-of-the-art equipment. This currently is done at a Materials Recovery Facility operated by Greenstar Recycling.

The program is intended to primarily offer and increase recycling opportunities in northwestern Cumberland County. The drop-off, however, is open to all recyclers.


Where? Hopewell Township Building:

Three Square Hollow Road

Newburg, PA 17240

Hopewell Township Building Google Maps

When? 1st Saturday of the Month from 8 a.m. - Noon.

What can / can't I recycle?

How should I prepare my recyclables?

  • All of your recyclables can be mixed together. No sorting is required.
  • To ensure obtaining the maximum capacity of each container, cardboard should be flattened and plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and steel cans should be crushed, if possible.
  • DO NOT tie or bind any recyclables(s).
  • NO plastic bags whatsoever. Plastic bags are detrimental to the sorting equipment. If you collect your recyclables in plastic bags, you must remove the recyclables from the plastic bags before depositing in the containers. Collection of recyclables in a rigid, reusable container is recommended.
  • Recyclable containers (plastic, glass, steel, aluminum) should be empty and rinsed clean. Remove all plastic caps and discard. Metal lids should be removed but kept with the recyclables. Recyclable paper should be dry and clean.

Call 717-240-6489 for more information.