Specific Activities

Scene Investigations - Examine the body, the scene, and the facts and circumstances surrounding the death.

History - Review all history to include recent activities, complaints, and circumstances, as well as medications and medical treatment. Interview witnesses, family members and others with pertinent information.

Personal Effects - Document and safeguard personal effects and property found on or about the person at the time of his death until released to the legal representative of the deceased.

Identification and Notification - Establish the identity of the deceased by positive means. Confirm through investigation the identity of the legal next of kin and conduct or arrange for a personal notification.
Examinations - Determine the need for examinations by other experts as needed. These may include radiological exams, autopsies by pathologists or forensic pathologists, dental exams by forensic odontologists, toxicological testing of body fluids and/or substances and other pertinent exams.

Correlate - Review all information obtained from various sources to establish the cause and manner of death and determine if criminal activity or criminal neglect was involved in the death.