Auditing Department


To carry out County Code Section 1720, which states that the Controller is… “to annually audit, settle and adjust the accounts of all County officers.”

Perform financial, compliance and internal control audits to ensure that fiscal affairs of the County are being executed in accordance with management and regulatory requirements and investigate fraud.
In order to meet our mission, we do the following: 
  • Maintain outside professional certification American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Peer Review Program) of the County’s audit department.
  • Partner with the County’s outside CPA firm in the performance in the audit of the County’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report – to realize audit fee savings.     
  • Adhere to professional standards (AICPA and GAO) when performing audits in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards or generally accepted governmental auditing standards.
  • Complete annual core audit plan.      
  • Include regulatory and grantor required audits in the core audit plan in order to realize audit fee savings.     
  • As a byproduct of all audits, report internal control and compliance weaknesses and recommendations.       
  • Begin investigating all fraud hotline tips within 24 hours.      
  • Prepare RFP’s for County audit services, review bids and recommend best value bid response.      
  • Perform financial analyses, as requested.
Object Outcomes:
These objectives have been metrically measured to ensure that they are being met in an efficient and effective manner.