Real Estate Taxes
Real Estate – All real estate property in Cumberland County is assessed at 100% of the
2010 year value. The real estate is levied by all School Districts, most Municipalities,
and the County. The county real estate tax includes .18 mills (.00018) for the support of
County libraries. A mill is a way to express tax rate. One mill equals one thousandth of
a dollar. One mill is expressed as .001. The tax is computed by multiplying the millage
rate set by the taxing body times the assessed value of the property. For example, a
homeowner whose property is assessed at $125,000 may pay the following taxes:
A. To the County –
2.285 mills .002285 x 125,000 = $285.63
B. To the County for libraries –
.18 mill .00018 x 125,000 = $22.50
C. To the Municipality –
.87 mill .00087 x 125,000 - $108.75
D. To the School District –
9.554 mills .009554 x 125,000 = $1,194.25
The actual taxes will depend upon the millage rates established each year by the taxing

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