What is a case manager?
A case manager is a trained specialist who will assist you in identifying your treatment needs through a process called an assessment or an evaluation. If you are recommended for Inpatient Treatment, your Case Manager will refer you to an appropriate provider agency and monitor your progress during your stay.

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1. Where can I get a DUI or ARD evaluation?
2. How can I get an assessment if I am in prison?
3. Where can I get a listing of AA, NA, or Al Anon meetings?
4. How do I get into detox?
5. How do I get into inpatient treatment?
6. What should I bring to my assessment?
7. What is a case manager?
8. Does Cumberland-Perry D&A Case Management provide other services after I complete inpatient treatment, or while I am in outpatient treatment?
9. Is there a limit to the number of times Cumberland-Perry D&A will pay for my treatment?
10. How do I get into outpatient treatment?
11. Is all information kept confidential?