How should I start a law suit?
Once you have found the correct office, the next step is to file a complaint on a standard form you can obtain from the District Court. The form is easy to complete. The important items on the form are:
• Your name and address;
• The name and address of the person or business you want to sue;
• The amount of money you are suing for, including all expenses; and a short statement of why you believe you are entitled to the money. Be sure to provide enough information so the person you are suing knows why he or she is being sued. Include the date when things important to your case may have happened.

Although the complaint may be filed by mail, it is advisable to submit it personally to the District Court. It will be easier for the clerk to tell you whether your complaint has been properly completed, and, if it is not, how it should be corrected. It will also be easier to determine precisely what fees you must pay. Keep in mind that if you succeed in the suit, the party you are suing (the defendant) will be required to pay you back for the cost of filing the suit. There will be an additional fee for service of the complaint to the defendant which will vary according to how it is served.

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