When should I engage a VTAC and force portable attachment?
This function should be considered at any fire scene in which interior operations are required to mitigate the incident and communications could be questionable. Those situations include heavy masonry constructed buildings, metal clad buildings, warehousing with heavy rack storage, and incidents occurring below grade. Police could also consider this scenario if they are dispatched to active incidents involving interior operations. VTAC operations are not necessary for events occurring outdoors in the valley floor of the County and on the south side of the South Mountain as there is ample mobile and portable coverage. In some situations for events occurring in the finger valleys of the South Mountain in which terrain may shade the network sites, a VTAC positioned in coverage could be used to extend coverage to portables affected by the terrain shading. The face of North Mountain is more sheer on the Cumberland County side and not subject as much to the terrain shading that is posed by the South Mountain.

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3. When should I engage a VTAC and force portable attachment?
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