National Terrorism Advisory System

Read about the New National Terrorism Advisory System


The National Terrorism Advisory System, or NTAS, replaces the color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS). This new system will more effectively communicate information about terrorist threats by providing timely, detailed information to the public, government agencies, first responders, airports and other transportation hubs, and the private sector.

It recognizes that Americans all share responsibility for the nation’s security, and should always be aware of the heightened risk of terrorist attack in the United States and what they should do.

National and Pennsylvania Homeland Security Advisory systems have been put into place to provide information on warnings and actual events involving terrorist acts that may occur.

Imminent Threat Alert

Warns of a credible specific and impending terrorist threat against the United States.

Elevated Threat Alert

Warns of a credible terrorist threat against the United States.

If You See Something, Say Something ™

Report suspicious activity to local law enforcement or call 911.

Types of activity that residents should report include people, vehicles, or circumstances that appear unusual or out of place, such as:
  • A stranger around your neighborhood or a strange vehicle parked in your neighborhood for a long period of time
  • Someone looking into houses or vehicles
  • Someone tampering with electric, gas, water, or sewer system without an identifiable company vehicle or uniform
  • An unusual amount of traffic coming to a house or apartment building
  • Houses or buildings where extreme security measures seem to have been taken
  • Houses or buildings where no owner / renter is apparent and no home activities seem to go on
  • Strange odors coming from around houses or buildings
  • Door-to-door solicitors without solicitor permits
  • Persons standing around possibly acting as lookouts