Opioid Intervention Court

Cumberland County's Opioid Intervention Court ("OIC") is only the 2nd court of its kind in the United States! It is an extremely intensive early intervention program designed to address the treatment needs for people with an opiate abuse history and to prevent them from using while their case proceeds through the criminal courts. The goal is preventing fatal overdoses and saving lives. This is a voluntary program that consists of 30 court appearances as well as daily attendance at either drug counseling or NA/AA type meetings.

Unlike other specialty courts, this program is a pre-trial program and not tied to a particular plea. The program is intended to engage participants with treatment resources and provide accountability for persons in the early stages of recovery.

If you are in need of drug treatment for an opiate addiction, ask your attorney about OIC. Your attorney can also point you in the direction of other resources, like the Cumberland/Perry Drug and Alcohol Commission.