Family Based Mental Health Services

What are Family Based Services?
This is an intensive in-home service designed to help families in caring for their children or adolescents with emotional disturbance at home.

How are the services provided?
Services are offered by a team of professional mental health staff usually in the family home. A family can choose their own provider.

How can I obtain service?
In order to start, it is necessary to obtain either a psychological or psychiatric evaluation that recommends Family Based Services. Any licensed psychologist or psychiatrist can provide the necessary evaluation. They may also recommend other, less intensive services.

How do I pay for services?
Most children who would benefit from Family Based Service meet the eligibility requirements for Medical Assistance. Application for medical assistance can be made either online through the state's Compass system or in person at the County Office of Assistance. In certain instances, other funding sources are available in the event that the child is not eligible for Medical Assistance.

Additional Information
This program is licensed by the Commonwealth to meet professional standards. It offers casework services, mental health treatment, and family support for up to 32 weeks if medically indicated. The primary goal of this service is to prevent the need for more intensive treatment services, which would occur outside the home.