About Us

The Cumberland County Conservation District began operations on July 1, 1953, after a group of local farmers interested in the conservation of their soil and water resources made their interest known to the County Commissioners.

Black and white photo of 2 men standing by Conservation District sign along road

The District is responsible for administering soil and water conservation programs in Cumberland County. Most of the programs conducted at the county level are delegated to the District by the Commonwealth's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The Conservation District has signed delegation agreements or contracts with DEP and the State Conservation Commission to administer the following programs in Cumberland County: Erosion Control (Chapter 102), National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) for construction activities, Chesapeake Bay Program, Nutrient Management Program and Dirt and Gravel Roads Program.

The District also carries out many environmental education activities, including the Envirothon, sponsorship of local students to attend summer conservation camps, and scholarships for college students enrolled in an environmental or natural resource major. All environmental programs are funded by proceeds from the Districts annual tree seedling sale and golf tournament. Approximately 15,000 seedlings are sold each year. The Conservation District also has a water testing program for County residents. Once a month, citizens may bring their water sample to the District office to be tested by a local laboratory.

A seven-member board of directors appointed by the County Commissioners governs the Cumberland County Conservation District. Four members of the board represent the farming community, two represent the general public, and one representative is a County Commissioner.