Gray Area Military Retirees

Definition: A Gray Area Retiree is a person who has qualified for a military "deferred compensation" with 20 years of service but who has not begun to draw this compensation due to their being less than age 60. Typically, these are individuals who complete their military service in any of the Reserve/Guard components. It is extremely important for you to maintain your current personal contact information in DEERS to include your mailing address, telephone number, and email address. Once you reach the age of 59, the respective Human Resource/Personnel Commands distribute your application for retirement benefits using your current email address. Your failure to update your personal information may delay the receipt of this application and your receipt of the military "differed compensation" and benefits you earned through your 20 years of service.

Updating Personal Contact Information:  There are multiple methods to ensure your information is current.

Visit the Carlisle Barracks DEERS office located on the first floor of Ann Ely Hall.

Telephone the respective service branch personnel center and speak to a representative informing them that you desire to update your contact information. If you are over 59 and have not received your retirement application, inform the representative of this fact.

Army-Human Resource Command at 1-888-276-9472 press 4 (  You can use the on-line address update feature accessed through the Soldier For Life website. Once at the website, click Retired Soldiers tab, DS LOGON, OK at the bottom of this page, this takes you to My Access Center. Here you either enter your DS LOGON information or register for one if you do not possess a DS LOGON. If you possess a DS LOGON enter your DS LOGON information, click Login, and then select Address Update.

Navy-Navy Personnel Center at 1-866-5672 and press 1 (

Marine Corps-Marine Corps manpower Management Separation & Retirement at 1-703-784-9306/9307.

Air Force-Air Force Personnel Center at 1-800-525-0102 and press 5 (

Coast Guard-Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center at 1-800-772-8724 and press 5 or 6. (