Snow Removal Crew

The County’s Facility Management snow removal crew has works especially hard during the winter season. On-site as early as 4:00 a.m., the crew is out and about before many County employees are even out of bed.

The crew first focuses on clearing snow and spreading salt on the parking lots and walk ways of our 24/7 operations at the Public Safety Building. The Prison has their own crews who work diligently to maintain the other 24/7 facilities. Salt spreading and general assistance is provided as needed at those locations. After assuring the 24/7 facilities have been cared for, attention shifts to clearing and treating walk ways around other County owned buildings and parking areas. The largest demand for manpower is in the high foot traffic areas surrounding the down town facilities. This winter our crew has endured many hours in sub-zero temperatures.

The plan of action varies according to each weather event. The crew keeps an eye on the forecast at all times. The snow removal crew is on-site and in action before, during and after all snow events including holidays and weekends. The crew is out in the elements working to maintain safe walk ways for essential personnel who must report to work, and for those navigating the down town area. Our crew readily adjusts their schedules to respond to the weather conditions.

Please join us in recognizing their efforts this year. A HUGE thank you is extended to all of our team members for their dedication and efforts extended on the behalf of many.