Homeowner Property Tax Relief

Press Release
May 13, 2013:
Analysis Shows Need for State Action to Facilitate Homeowner Property Tax Relief / Implement Homestead Exemption Constitutional Amendment, Commissioner Hertzler says pdf 

Commissioner Hertzler Letter to Cumberland County's state legislators pdf

Data Indicates County's Homeowners are Only Receiving 8% of the Tax Break They Deserve Under the Homestead Exemption Provision of the State Constitution pdf

Press Release
December 3, 2012:
Commissioner Hertzler Unveils Homeowner Property Tax Relief Plan pdf
At a courthouse press conference, Cumberland County Commissioner Jim Hertzler unveiled his "penny on a dollar" 1% county option sales tax proposal for slashing homeowner school, county and municipal property tax.

Plan Details
A Proposal: Real Tax Relief for Cumberland County Homeowners pdf

Resolution 2013-1 pdf
January 7, 2013: Cumberland County Commissioners adopted Resolution 2013-1. The Resolution urges the Pennsylvania General Assembly to consider legislation granting a 1% county option sales tax to relieve homestead/farmstead property tax. 

Commentary pdf

Editorial Support pdf
December 28, 2012: The Patriot-News

December 3, 2012 - Commissioners Jim Hertzler and Barbara Cross urge state action on Homeowner Property Tax Relief.