Organization and Governance

What is the Cumberland County Library System?

The Cumberland County Library System (CCLS) consists of 7 member libraries, 1 branch facility, a system office and an associated non-profit Cumberland County Library System Foundation

The library system provides service to 244,731 people living in Cumberland and a small portion of Franklin County. 

County System Headquarters Office 

The CCLS headquarters office is an independent agency of county government that is designated to provide library service. 

It is governed by the Cumberland County Library System Board, which is appointed by the Cumberland County Commissioners. The library system's headquarters staff are Cumberland County employees.

Federated Library System Structure 

The system's member libraries are independently incorporated non-profit agencies that have agreed to be part of the Cumberland County Library System to provide library services. Each member library is governed by a local library board. Local library staff members are employees of the member library. 

Member library boards nominate 1 individual and an alternate to serve on the Cumberland County Library System Board. Final appointments to the library system board are made after review and approval by the Cumberland County Commissioners.

Cumberland County Commissioner, Jean Foschi, serves as the library system board's liaison with the County. 

County Library System Services 

The county headquarters office provides services in 6 areas: 

  1. Information technology
  2. Technical services (acquisitions, cataloging, processing of library materials)
  3. Direct library services such as digital library collections and library delivery services
  4. STAR outreach services for adults who are unable to visit the library due to age, illness or disability
  5. Training services for staff and board members
  6. Administrative and financial services