School Referral Policy

Cumberland County Children and Youth Services School Policy

While Cumberland County Children and Youth Services (CCC&YS) may accept school truancy referrals on children, there is often a pattern of excessive school absences for a number of years prior to a child ever being referred to the Agency for services. 

The prognosis for successful intervention decreases the longer the problem has continued without intervention with the child and the parents.  Therefore, we urge school districts to look for patterns of school attendance problems well before the child enters middle school or high school.  We also urge districts to refer any child who is exhibiting attendance problems as early as possible in the school year while the student still has time to resolve the issues,
salvage the school year and progress to the next level.  The Agency’s repertoire of interventions has much more likelihood of being successful the younger the child is and the earlier the intervention occurs in the school year.

School Request for Service (pdf)