Reporting Suspicious Activity

Occasionally, the federal government might call for a heightened state of alert on the part of local law enforcement and residents.  When the police go to a higher state of alert, they may add extra patrols in various frequent communications with federal, state and other law enforcement agencies.  Residents should also increase their awareness of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity to the police.  Many people fail to act because they are not sure if what they are observing is worth reporting.  When in doubt, call the police immediately.  Do not lose precious time discussing the event with friends and neighbors first.  Types of activity that residents should report include people, vehicles or circumstances that appear unusual or out of place, such as:
  • A stranger around your neighborhood or a strange vehicle parked in your neighborhood for a long period of time
  • Someone looking into houses or vehicles
  • Someone tampering with he electric, gas, water or sewer system without an identifiable company vehicle or uniform
  • An unusual amount of traffic coming to a house or apartment building
  • Houses or buildings where extreme security measures seem to have been taken
  • Houses or buildings where no owner or primary renter is apparent and no home activities (yard work, painting or maintenance) seems to go on
  • Strange odors coming from around the houses or buildings
  • Door-to-door solicitors without solicitor permits or any stranger knocking on doors
  • Persons standing around possibly acting as lookouts
Dial 9-1-1
If you suspect a crime is being committed or is about to be committed call 9-1-1.  Do not panic or put yourself at risk.  If the activity simply appears suspicious, call the police non-emergency number and describe the activity in detail.  However, if you want a police officer to contact you, be prepared to give your name, address and telephone number and ask an officer to contact you.  This information is kept confidential.