Emergency Planning for Pets

Sheltering your Pet
With the exception of service animals, most shelters do not accept pets. Prepare a list of kennels, friends, or family members who may be able to care for your pet in an emergency.

If you plan to place your pet in a kennel, make sure the facility meets all the requirements for long-term care and has an adequate disaster plan itself.

If you family must relocate to a shelter or other site, and there is no place for your pet to go, confine your pet to a specific room in the house and provide plenty of food and water to sustain the animal while you are away (as a last resort).

Pet Disaster Kit
Put together a basic disaster kit for your pets to take with you in case you must leave your residence quickly. Recommended items include:
  • Airline approved carrier for each dog, cat, or other pets
  • Paperwork - Pet I.D. with a photo, vaccination records, registrations, special needs list, Equipment - sufficient medicines, collar, and a muzzle / leash
  • Extra supply of food
  • Plenty of clean water
  • Supplies for food - Bowls (disposable containers if you must leave your residence), manual can opener
  • Cleaning supplies - kitchen trash bags, bleach (disinfectant and water purification), blankets, towels, paper towels, waste disposal supplies
Additional Resources
For more information on emergency preparedness for your pets, visit the Humane Society of the United States.