Open Sky Radio Information

Radio Tone Descriptions

(You must have a sound enabled computer to hear these tones)

Radio Tone Samples
Radio TypeEventDescriptionAudio Sample
PortableConfirmation of network connection (off VTAC)(if the A/B switch is programmed for VTAC operations)Audio
MobileVTAC activation rocker switch when turned on
AnyDeny(out of coverage or someone else is already talking)Audio
AnyRemove(when someone with a higher priority pre-empts you)Audio
AnyQueued(when site is busy, you've been placed on waiting list)Audio
AnyGrant(lets you know you can talk once PTT is pressed)Audio
AnyRoam(rare to hear, when radio roams just as you press the PTT)Audio

Radio Frequencies

Cumberland County Fire Frequencies for incidents requiring inbound out of county mutual aid - Post 800 MHz transition:

Radio Frequencies Quick Reference
FrequencyFunctionIdentificationSubscriber TX CTCSSSubscriber RX CTCSS
46.06 MHzFire 1Headquarters97.4None
46.00 MHzOperations AssignmentsMutual Aid 288.5None
46.22 MHzOperations AssignmentsMutual Aid 385.4None

Approved Radio Models

These are the only radios approved for use on the Cumberland County system:

  • M7200 VTAC (replacement for M803 VTAC)
  • M7300/XG-75M (replaces M803)
  • CS7000 (replaces CS803 control station)
  • XG-75P Full System Keypad (replaces P7200 series portables) new feature is A/B switch on top
  • XG-75P Partial Scan Keypad (replaces P7200 series portables) new feature is A/B switch on top
  • XG-25P Full System Keypad-new low end model-no A/B switch
  • XG-25P Partial Scan Keypad-new low end model-no A/B switch