Volunteerism & Employment

Need a Volunteer?
Contact Manager of Activities at the:
Claremont Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
1000 Claremont Road
Carlisle, PA  17013
Phone: 717.240.1937 

Able to assist with simple clerical tasks such as folding letters, stuffing envelopes, sealing envelopes, address labeling, inventory counting, sorting, correlating, name and address stamping of envelopes/brochures, and putting brochure or pamphlet packets together.  

This work is performed voluntarily for therapeutic benefit.  

We can do your job either at your site or here at Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Vision Resources of Central PA

Compassionate volunteer assistance needed for blind/visually impaired adults.
Help drive them to day-time support group meetings and/or necessary appointments.
Please call 717-238-2531
Thank you!

There are no current employment openings for the Cumberland Link.